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GlassRenu manufactures several different glass scratch removal systems.

To find the system that fits your needs, see our system comparison chart below:

Removes Scratches

Removes Etching

No Visible Distortion

Works on Curved Glass

Works on Mirrors

Works on Tempered Glass

Training and Certification

Unlimited Tech Support

Performance Guarantee


3" Size Disks

5" Size Disks

6" Size Disks

8" Size Disks

Grey RenuDisks

Black RenuDisks

Red RenuDisks

GR Polishing Solution

RenuDisks Total

GlassRenu Carrying Bag

Mobile Field Case

Pro Kit


Pro Kit




Grade Kit


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GlassRenu’s Patented Dry Grinding Glass Scratch Removal System

Developed in the field by our company founder, GlassRenu is a patented dry grinding process that “renews” the original clarity and luster of glass by removing even the most severe damage without distortion.

The GlassRenu process is unique among all other scratch removal or wet polishing systems. It’s easy to learn and easy to master. Repairs are performed quickly – without all the mess and set-up of other systems.

Users on three different continents tell us that their results are so amazing, many of their customers can’t believe that the glass was repaired and not replaced.

Professional Tools for Glass Professionals

GlassRenu has changed the glass repair industry forever. Glass technicians in numerous countries are suddenly more productive, more profitable and able to repair glass that could only have been replaced in the past.

gr-certified-technicianGlassRenu Certification Program

GlassRenu now offers an 8-hour certification program designed to take a new user from novice to expert in a day.

Developed to address the most common issues restoration technicians run into everyday, the GlassRenu Certification Program covers issues from Scratch Removal, Graffiti Removal, Window Restoration, as well as how to integrate the GlassRenu Scratch Removal System into your existing business.

For more information on our Certification program, please call us at (888) 769-0001!

CDT RenuDisk

The Next Generation RenuDisk Has Arrived!

GlassRenu is proud to introduce the next generation of RenuDisk.  After several years of research and development

GlassRenu has developed a new abrasive that conditions as it is used. 

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Are you ready to learn how to use the GlassRenu system? Our Learning Center covers the basics of the system all the way to our GlassRenu Certification Program!

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The results ARE really unbelievable, see for yourself! We have put together before, during & after photos, as well as video demonstrations.

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Update contact information, view previous orders, check current order status updates, & get support! Our team is here to help you no matter what your needs are.

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See What our Customers have to say!

“After using the scratch-hog system for a while I was finding that the system never worked like I needed it to. The process was messy, took far too long to complete a basic repair and always left the surface of the glass distorted. Once I switched to the GlassRenu system I was able to complete jobs in a fraction of the time and I never had to explain to the customer why the glass looked like a fish-eye. The difference is night and day. I don’t know where my Scratch-Hog system is, but I know it isn’t in my work truck anymore.”

“I used the Scratch Hog System for a while and liked the system but it took a long time to remove damage and I was always worried about the mess. Now that I use the GlassRenu system I can remove deeper damage in half the time without worrying about making a mess and get distortion free results every-time. Overall I love the [GlassRenu] system.”

“After using the Scratch Hog System, I had come to accept that there were many jobs that I couldn’t bid on because the end result would inevitably be very distorted or it would take far too long to complete the job and still be profitable. With the GlassRenu System and a few hours of practice I was able to return back to one of the jobs that I turned down with the Scratch Hog System. I was able to achieve zero distortion results and quickly remove deep scratches.”

“The reason that I switched from Scratch Hog to GlassRenu was that the Scratch Hog system was way too messy. The GlassRenu system is much cleaner so I don’t have to worry about making a mess at the job site. The GlassRenu system works the way they said it would, and when I run into a tough job their support staff is always ready to help. As with any tool, the results reflect the skill of the operator. If you follow the instructions and use the system correctly you will get distortion free results. Overall I am very pleased with the GlassRenu Scratch Removal system.”